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Our goal is to provide  leading Community Managers
and Marketing Strategies 
that help attract,
engage and 
grow your ICO community



 means Together
Welcome to our company

To meet today's challenges, we've created a unique, more personal approach.

Μαζί / ma-zee / aims to deliver professional, secure and consistent Community Management services to its clients and at the same time build an engaged community of experienced Community Managers willing to share their wealth of knowledge to see us all grow.

We might be smaller compared to the global players in this industry but we pack a punch with our commitment and quality of service we provide.


Clear communications, professionalism & reliability! MaZee Community Management offers a top tier service for Blockchain projects looking to grow a sustainable and organic community of project believers and interested investors. That is exactly what the MaZee community is all about!


Client perception is our reality and given the fact that the market is more saturated than ever, and choices widespread, client expectations have become much higher and this is how we define our standards.


We are building an engaged community of experienced Community Managers & enthusiasts that share our vision and contribute towards our evolution and adoption in this space!


Join us and meet your fellow community members that stretch out to every continent around the globe in MaZee. In MaZee our strength comes from all the members that share our goal, each with their own strengths and willing to share their experiences to see us all grow!

This is the core of all our services and will help drive our efforts for the successful development and deployment of your project.
Due to the growth in demand for marketing consulting to help our clients gain more exposure, we have built partnerships and expertise in the largest Crypto/ICO related channels to push our client’s projects.
We use the best tools on the market that allow us to manage, engage and gather responses from the community that bring value back into your project.
Bounty Campaign creates an engaging community of long-term believers who are able to provide strategic campaigns tailored to your requirements.
The concept of airdrops grows by educating the community about it. We help by advising to create their airdrops, promoting and hosting the airdrops.
At MaZee, we know that each business requires a unique strategy in order to be able to grow. We are here to help you achieve that growth by picking out the best possible growth hacking channels for your business.




Marco Calicchia (CEO and co-founder)

Marco has 10+ years of experience in Strategic Sales and Partnerships, within the High Tech Industry. He is currently based between Sofia, Bulgaria and Athens, Greece. He handles our sales and partnerships at MaZee, as well as offers his experience as an ICO and Blockchain advisor. On his time off, he enjoys travelling and playing sports!

Alki Zaganiaris (COO and co-founder)

Alki has 10+ years in an Engineering background with a strong aptitude for Operations Management. Currently based in London, Alki handles MaZee’s foundation, team integration & the company’s standard operating procedures. Together with our core team he has developed MaZee’s educational platform for member training and growth (Project Gnosis) & is leading our Senior Members through our custom on-boarding stages of our projects. Outside of MaZee, you are likely to find Alki travelling & climbing!

Marcus Linden (CFO and co-founder)

Marcus has 10+ years experience as an Investment Analyst within the hotel industry, working for major Hotel Brands and Consulting Firms. He is currently in Atlanta (US), and handles financials, growth and deliverables at MaZee. Marcus has his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Surrey (UK) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. When he is AFK, Marcus enjoys dancing and travelling. He is fluent in English, Greek and Swedish languages (his Spanish isn’t too bad either).


Bojana Milosevic (Head of Marketing)

“For me what makes a company great is the people who work there. I trust the people I work for, I enjoy the people I work with and I believe the greatness of any company cannot be solely measured by the performance metrics. “

Bojana is involved in ICO market since 2017. Her approach is strategic, where she sit down with the clients, understand their product, and their plans. She use the best tools on the market that allow us to manage, engage and gather responses from the ICO community that bring value back into your project. Marketing specialist for several ICO’s by providing strategic business consulting, brand management, and marketing strategy dedicated to inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit and bringing business dreams to life.
She worked for GoDaddy, ManageWP, Devana and other tech companies, but more about her previous experience you can find on her website http://bojanamilosevic.com/


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